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Spray Wrapping with #PlastiDip


-Part/Full colour change in only 1 - 3 days, depends on Ssze & the job required. We use genuine PlastiDip from USA. For a thick, strong, peelable, durable, protective coating to go onto your vehicle that will last for approx 3-5 yrs (After that time you can have it topped up or removed without any problems)


-No sanding, No cutting & No heating involved.


-Water & Weatherproof PlastiDipped objects.


-Works great when applied on a clean surface to seal, repair + protect; Wood, Plastics, Glass, Concrete, Electronics & many types of Fabbrics etc.


-Restore the look of your vehicle or make it stand out with PlastiDip, whilst giving it a protective layer against UV, scratches & corrosion.


-Available in Matt, Gloss, Satin, Pearl, Metallic Finish.


-Detailing (Inc roofs, Bonnets, Door Mirrors, Bumpers, Interior door handles, Consoles, even headlight tinting is also available in any colour you need & much more)

-Paint protection from general wear and tear, stone chips ( For Track Days )


-Alloy wheels to refresh, protect, change colour of your wheels/ rims.


-A full respray or vinyl wrap will cost twice as much whereas our PlastiDip services cost a fraction of this, Whilst still giving it a great unique look.


-Refurbish & Transform anything from concrete to plastic it can be sprayed, dipped or brushed.

-Peace Of Mind - We Guarantee Our Dip!
-10% deposit required on booking in and total balance payable when your vehicle is PlastiDipped.



plastidip malta
plastidip malta
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