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Terms & Conditions


  • Gonzales garage accepts no responsibility for cancellation of booking upon submission of deposit


  • We are not responsible for damage done by yourself to your paint work and accept no responsibility for wheel scuffs, scratches or any other type of damage done by yourself. 


  • It may take two to three days to finish a full car/ 4X4, Spray Wrapped depending on how many coats it takes to cover, as the base coat affects the coverage of the dip especially when changing from dark colours to light colours


  • We do endeavor to return your car same day where ever possible, please arrange for transport to fetch you to collect your vehicle


  • PlastiDip will not cover deep scratches or dents on body work, any vehicle repairs needed beforehand please ask for a quote


  • We can custom colour to your requirements within a tolerance, although we cannot match exact colours of existing paint work


  • Gloss, Metallic & Pearl colours are extra as this is a different coating that we offer


  • Although we try to ensure your car is as safe as possible while at our premises, please remove any valuable objects left in your vehicle prior to us receiving it, as we take no responsibility for any theft


  • To help the PlastiDip cure please do not attempt to wash your vehicle for at least 72 hrs after PlastiDipping


  • It will be fine to jet wash in approximately 3 weeks after completion


  • Payment in full must be made on collection of your vehicle after having it inspected and satisfied with our work


  • If you remove the PlastiDip or alter it in any way after we have sprayed your vehicle please be aware that Gonzalesgarage is not respobsible for any unforseen expectations caused.


  • We do not accept returns on any of the items/products available on this website...


  • ​We are not liable for the misuse of any plastidip or any other product available on this website...



Note: All the information ifound on or related to this website is for general purposes only and cannot be used upon or against the service provider. Gonzales garage is authorised by the MCCAA and all rights reserved©. 

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