Here you'll find all the products that you'll need to realize your individual vehicle spray wrapping project.

For your dipping projects you can calculate these amounts for Plasti Dip:



  • Small Car: 1 Gallon


  • Compact Car: 2 Gallons


  • Mid Size Car: 3 Gallons


  • Full Size Car: 4 Gallons


Original USA Plasti Dip® - UV resistant

Plasti Dip® can be made sprayable for use in an HVLP airless or HVLP spray paint gun by adding thinner. The mixing ratio is 1 part of Plasti Dip® to 1 part of thinner. If you need assistance we will be happy to help you.


plastidip malta
  • A= Aerosol

  • 1L= 1Litre

  • G= Gallon

1 Litre


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