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  Frequently Asked Questions;




Plasti Dip Can Basically Be Used To Cover Almost Anything With A Non Porous Surface. We Generally Use Plasti Dip On Cars, Motorbikes, 4X4's, SUV's, Boats, Even Used As A Non Slip Coating And Other Vehicles, However It Can Be Used On, Appliances Such As Laptops And Phone Cases, And Other Household Furniture


  • The Mind Is Your Limit When It Comes To Plasti Dip !


  • Can I Dip Bare Metal Or A Primed Surface ?

The Simple Answer Is YES With Lots Of Cases Where Plasti Dip Has Been Used To Seal Moisture And Prevent Corrosion From Bare And Primed Metal Leaving It Still Removable When The User Requests It, Normally We Use Plasti Dip Primer On Bare Metal For Best Results Or For A More Permanent Spray Wrap


  • Will Plasti Dip Hurt My Paint ?

Plasti Dip In Itself Cannot Damage The Paint Of Your Vehicle. However There Have Been Cases Where Paint Has Been Harmed Due To A Freshly Painted Vehicle. It Is Therefore Recommended To Leave A New Spray Job For At Least 6 Months) To Allow The Clear Coat To Fully Cure.

Gonzales Garage Takes NO Responsibility To Problems/ Damage With Paint/ Clear Coat.

It Is Your Responsibility To Ensure Your Surface Is Appropriate For Dipping.


  • Wheels - Do They Need To Be Removed For Dipping ?

You Don't Have To Remove Wheels For Plasti Dip But It Can Make The Job Much More Professional Although This Is Not A Requirement When Dropping Off Your Car For the Alloys To Be Dipped, Extra Costs Apply If Wheels Are Damaged Or If Wheels Are Removed To Be Spray Wrapped Both From Inside And Outside For A More Durable And Long Lasting Finish.


  • How Many Coats Do You Use ?

As A General Rule 5-6 Coats Of Dip Will Leave You With A Nice Dip Thick Enough To Peel When Required.


  • Can I Jet wash/ Car Wash My Vehicle ?

The Answer For This Is YES But Allow At Least 3 Days After Dipping Before Washing Your Car.

If You Go On YOUTUBE Plasti Dip Through Car Wash/ Jet Wash A Ton Of Videos Will Pop Up And You Shall Be Able To See How Resilient This Stuff Really Is.


  • What Finishes Can Be Achieved With Plasti Dip ?

Plasti Dip In MALTA Can Be Finished With A Standard Matt, Pearl, Metallic Or A Product Called Glossifier That Will Give It A Glossy Finish.


  • How Long Does Rubber Dip Last ?

Plasti Dip Will Last A Very Long Time.

Gonzales Garage Has Seen Wheels, Grilles, Etc Dipped For Over 12 Months Without Having To Be Touched Up.

Unless There Is A Specific Event That Damages The Rubber Dip, It Will Hold Up Great And Keep It's Finish.

It Is Very Durable And Will Not Lose It's Bond.


  • Will It Hold Up To The Elements (Sun, Winter) ?

Plasti Dip Is Extremely Resistant To The Elements, Including Sun Fading, Winter Ice, Cold, Etc.

Gonzales Garage Can Actually Spray Wrap Wheels And Cars Specifically To Protect The Original Surfaces From External Damage.



  • Does It Really Peel Off When I Want It Off ?

Yes, Rubber Dip Really Does Peel Off.

It Will Peel Off Even After A Long Period - However After Extreme Lengths Of Time (8-12 Months), It May Dry Out A Bit And Come Off In Smaller Pieces.

It Does Pull Off If You Catch It Hard Enough.



  • Will Plasti Dip Damage My Vehicle ?

No, Plasti Dip Peels Off Easily And Leaves The Area In Its Original Condition 100% Unblemished.

Rubber dip Will Only Damage Parts Which Have Not Been Correctly Lacquered.

We Suggest Having Your Vehicle Checked Before Proceeding With A Dip.



  •  Dip And Its Effect On Lacquer

If your lacquer is fine then the dip will be fine.

If you have lacquer damage or parts missing which have to be resprayed conventionally, Plasti Dip Can Be Applied But when you come to remove the dip you risk pulling the lacquer off with surrounding lacquer and damaging the paint.

Unless you get it resprayed and baked professionally this will always happen, plasti dip then can be applied after At Least 6 months after respraying )



  • What If I Want To Change The Colour ?

Rubber Dip Peels Right Off Leaving The Areas In Its Original Condition.

You May Change The Color At Any Time By Getting The Vehicle Professionally Dipped By Us.



  • Can I Use Different Colors On Different Areas ?


Gonzales Garage Can Customize A Vehicle To Your Liking.

The Possibilities Are Endless.



  • Is A Dip Like A Paint Job ?

No And It Never Will Be.

Plasti Dip Is A Great Way Of Changing Your Cars Colour With A Low Cost And A Fast Turnaround.



  • How/ Can I Wash The Dipped Areas Of My Car ?

We Recommend Hand Washing With Regular Car Wash Soap.

Usually A Good Washing With Soap, Water And A Soft Mitt Is All The Dipped Area Will Need Once A Week To Stay Looking Brand New.

Car Washes That Use High Pressure Washers Or Harsh Brushes Should Be Avoided.



  • Can I Use Rubber Dip As A Clear Protective Bra For The Front Of My Car ?

Of Course !



  • Does Glossifier Peel Off Just Like Regular Rubber Dip?

Yes, Glossifier Peels Off Just Like The Original Rubber Dip ! So Do The Metalizers and Pearlisers !



  • Can Glossifier Be Applied Over Non-Plasti Dipped Areas ?

Yes, Glossifier Can Be Applied Over Non-Plasti Dipped Areas And Will Add A Glossy Finish. It Also Will Peel Off Afterwards.



  • What Happens When I Want To Pull The Dip Off ?

You Can Simply Pull The Dip Off The Car.

If You Have Had Any Lacquer Damage Previous To The Dip You Risk Pulling This Off With The Dip And Even Causing Damage To The Paintwork.

Please Make Sure You Have Considered All The Outcomes Before Dipping Your Car.



  • Do You Mix Custom Colors ?

Yes We Do Have The Capability To Custom Mix Colours, Contact Us For More Information, We Also Have Our Own Custom Colour Chart.



  • What Can Damage The Plasti Dip ?

Anything Thinners Based Can Effect The Dip.

Other Liquids Such As Petrol And Diesel Can Also Effect The Dip.



  • What Happens When I Book To Spray Wrap My Car ?

Once You Book Your Car In With Gonzales Garage You Will Need To Pay A 10% Deposit On The Total Amount.

This Covers Cost Of Ordering The Materials And Our Labour.

The Balance Is Payable Once The Dip Has Been Applied To Your Car.

We Retain The Right To Remove The Dip If The Total Balance Has Not  Been Paid.


  • If I End Up Not Liking The Dip And Want To Pull It Off Can I Get A Refund ?

Simple Answer To This Is NO.

It's A Service Provided To You At Your Own Request.

Remember This Is Not A Paint Job.


plastidip malta
plastidip malta
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