Smoke Tint (Ready To Spray)
  • Smoke Tint (Ready To Spray)

    Plasti Dip Smoke is an all-new 1Ltr Plasti Dip variety with a translucent, matte black-grey color. It will give any project a unique, smokey look unlike anything else. 

    Apply Glossifier for a glossy finsih.

    Plasti Dip Smoke even changes color as you add more coats—from light gray all the way to black, with the same distinctive smokiness in every shade. This new Plasti Dip formula is perfect for your custom car or any other DIY project that needs a one-of-a-kind look.

    No matter how light or dark you want your Plasti Dip Smoke to be, it imparts the same outstanding protection as all our Plasti Dip vari