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Get 2 Matte Black & a Metallizer for less!
  • Get 2 Matte Black & a Metallizer for less!

    €69.50 Regular Price
    €65.00Sale Price
    ***Don't Miss out this festive season***

    Get 2 Matte Black and get a Metallizer for LESS!! when ordering online!


    Applied over black PlastiDip for best results.. 1 Aerosol can cover up to 4 wheels, approx 2 coats/wheel.

    PlastiDip Metalizer is the part of the enhancer Metalizer range! It gives your Plasti Dipped item an Anthracite silver metallic finish. Apply a minimum of 3 layers for full coverage.

    PlastiDip Enhancers are specially designed to make the already-outstanding Plasti Dip home solution even better. The enhancers are easy to use and will give any Plasti Dipped item a unique look.

    Now, with PlastiDip Metalizer, you can further customize the colors of your PlastiDip projects. Available in Gold, Silver, Copper, Bright Aluminium & Graphite PlastiDip Metalizers add a shimmering, metallic finish while letting the color of the PlastiDip underneath show through.

    This original Metalizer varieties, adding a colorful metallic shimmer to dried, cured PlastiDip while letting the color underneath show through. Like the other Enhancers, our new Metalizer colors work only as an addition to original or aerosol PlastiDip coatings.

    All above colors of PlastiDip Metalizer are available in 11-oz. (325 ml) aerosol cans. They apply quickly and easily. Using Plasti Dip Enhancers couldn't be easier; the results couldn't be better. Coverage approx. 4,6 m2 per can.

    PlastiDip Enhancers are formulated to bond with the unique chemical structure of cured PlastiDip for superior adhesion and long life. PlastiDip Enhancers are not recommended for use on any other surface.

    Gold and Silver now also available in 3,79 L (gallon) cans !.

    See product labels for further information.

    Plastidip Anything!

    For A Unique Look After 3 Coats, Add Black Or Gun Metal Grey As Base Coat.
    • Details

      PlastiDip® is not just for tool handles. It can also be applied to:

      Wood : seals and protects from weathering and prevents splinters

      Metal : reduces vibration, deadens sound, prevents corrosion, insulates electrically and from extreme temperatures

      Glass : shatterproofs glass objects (available in clear)

      Rope/Fabrics : weatherproofs, prevents rotting and fraying

      Plastics : protects delicate surfaces from scratches

      Rubber : weatherproofs, wear resistant

      Tools : gives color coded grip to all types of tools

      Maps : weatherproofs, tear resistant (available in clear)

      Flexible, air-dry synthetic rubber coating, that can be easily applied by dipping. Dip the desired number of layers. Let the coating dry for approx. 4 hours. Also suitable for industrial purposes. Content: 325 ml. Coverage approx. 0,5-1 m2 per can.

      Plasti Dip remains flexible and stretchy over time, and will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions. It has been tested and proven in temperatures from -34ºc to +93ºc.

      Suitability for application, and performances of finished goods coated with PlastiDip, is the sole responsibility of the customer and end user. Product and item design, pre-treatment, coating conditions, quality assurance and conditions of product end use, are among the factors that affect performance of the coated products, and are outside the control of Gonzales Garage. Gonzales Garage expressly denies specific or implied warrantees, including warrantees for fitness for a particular use or purpose.

      H220:Extremely flammable gas. H280:Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated. H304:May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. H315:Causes skin irritation. H336:May cause drowsiness or dizziness. H411:Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects
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