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Liquid Electrical Tape
  • Liquid Electrical Tape

    ( For water proofing electronics )


    Liquid Tape can be used in many applications including electrical connections for boats, trailers, RVs, trucks, automobiles, timers, pool electricals, bilge pumps, sprinkler pumps, instruments, computers, circuit boards, switches, and stop terminal screws from vibrating loose

    • Details

      The original PlastiDip® made in U.S.A. is an air dry, synthetic multi-purpose rubber coating that can be easily applied by spraying, brushing or dipping.

      PlastiDip® resists moisture, acids, abrasion, weathering,
      electrical shock, skidding/slipping, corrosion; coats and gives a comfortable, controlled, colour coded grip to all types of tools: lawn and garden, mechanical, electrical,
      woodworking, and masonry.

      PlastiDip® is not just for tool handles. It can also be applied to:

      Wood: seals and protects from weathering and prevents splinters

      Metal: reduces vibration, deadens sound, prevents corrosion, insulates electrically and from extreme temperatures

      Glass: shatter proofs glass objects (available in clear)

      Rope/Fabrics: weatherproofs, prevents rotting and fraying

      Plastics: protects delicate surfaces from scratches

      Rubber: weatherproofs, wear resistant

      Tools: gives colour coded grip to all types of tools

      Maps: weatherproofs, tear resistant (available in clear)

      Liquid Electrical Tape - Brush-on insulation

      Liquid Tape Electrical is an air-dry, synthetic rubber coating that can be brushed on and exhibits excellent moisture, acid, alkaline, abrasion, and dielectric resistance.

      Liquid Tape can be used in manufacturing to insulate,
      protect, and colour code connections. Liquid Tape has the strongest dielectric protection on the market; 1,400 v/mil, 5 – 7 mils per coat. It remains flexible even under extreme conditions and won't crack, harden, or peel.

      Liquid Tape is excellent for use in: Manufacturing of electrical connections and components for boats, trailers, RVs, autos and trucks, timers, outdoor wiring, instruments, computers, circuit boards, switches, and more!

      Content 113 ml
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