PlastiDip Primer Aerosol
  • PlastiDip Primer Aerosol

    The original PlastiDip® made in U.S.A. is an air dry, synthetic multi-purpose rubber coating that can be easily applied by spraying, brushing or dipping. PlastiDip® resists moisture, acids, abrasion, weathering, electrical shock, skidding/slipping, corrosion; coats and gives a comfortable, controlled, color coded grip to all types of tools: lawn and garden, mechanical, electrical, woodworking, and masonry. 

    Plastidip Anything!

    PlastiDip Primer: Gives Your PlastiDip A Stronger Grip Up To 400% More Adhesion Than Standard PlastiDip. Can be used to prevent rust or corrosion on most metals.

    All-new PlastiDip Primer is a specially formulated product that gives aerosol PlastiDip a super strong, nearly permanent hold on metals and many plastic surfaces. Simply apply PlastiDip Primer first, let it dry, then spray on any color of PlastiDip—it's as eas