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Portable sprayer
  • Portable sprayer

    Hand spray with propellant cartridge for any sprayable liquids


    The sprayer is suitable for uniform liquids:

    Varnishes, paints, stains, enamels, dispersions, oils, waxes, varnishes, impregnating, varnish, polish, glues, latex ...

    Benefits - Stand-alone Sprayer

    •Excellent spray characteristics

    •Outpatient applicable; no amount of equipment, no connections.

    •Arbitrary, interchangeable liquids and colours

    •Clean simplest

    Particularly suitable for working on site repairs.

    In one word, Amazing.... the Preval Sprayer!

    The Preval Sprayer is an aerosol-based spray system that allows the user to mix up any paint, chemical or solution and turn it in to sprayable material through Preval’s patented Venturri Vacuum Process. This process draws the medium from the attached reservoir and delivers a professional-grade finish on virtually any surface without mixing the propellant and medium together.

    Procedure - Choose a liquid PlastiDip color - Dilute with PlastiDip Thinner (max. 1:1)-Stir the substance and pour into the container - Attach the power unit to the container and ...... your Preval Spray is ready to go !

    With one power unit approx. 500 ml can be sprayed. This value is just an indication. Replacement power unit can be ordered seperately. Hold the prayer upright, 15-25 cm from the surface being sprayed. Once product container has been attached to the power unit, never shake the sprayer! The Preval Sprayer is supplied with power unit and glass container

    • Details

      Technical specifications

      Glass Mug 160 g,

      Spray pressure 4.4 bar constant

      Propellant cartridge 97 g, 58 g of LPG (propane 21.5%,
      isobutane 28.5%, dimethyl ether 50% by weight)
      Viscosity 17 sec (for 100 cc at 4 mm nozzle with
      DIN cup 53211)

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