Reflex Spray
  • Reflex Spray


    PlastiDip Reflex Spray is available in 325ml aerosol cans. They apply quickly and easily—shake them up and spray them on, just like our spray-on PlastiDip.

    Plasti Dip® Reflex combines ultra reflective particles with a clear base. When hit with light from a directional light source, (headlight, flashlight, etc.) Reflex's retroreflective particles send a high amount of the light back to its source. Where high visibility is a must Plasti Dip Reflex will make you stand out. Be Safe; Be Seen; Use Plasti Dip Reflex.

    To get the best results from Plasti Dip Reflex we recommend starting with a good base coat of another color of Plasti Dip. Over this spray 2-3 coats of Reflex. Hold the spray can further away than normal. You want to apply Reflex slightly rough so it shows a textured dust coat. Once it's dry buff with a cloth to bring out the best effect.

    Durable, flexible and waterproof, Plasti Dip Reflex protects your stuff from the elements while increasing its conspicuity.

    See product labels for further information.

    Packing : Spray
    Content : 325ml
    Color : High Visibility

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